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  • The Jasmine Awards, What We Wore, & Perfume Prescriptions

    16 MAY 2024 · We are still somewhat giddy from the @fragrancefoundationuk Jasmine Awards, and in this episode we give you all the goss, tell you about the fragrances we chose to wear (and why), and how Suzy almost missed going up on stage to collect our award!  We also dig into the extremely generous goody bag, and talk about the @sunnamusk scent that was included in it. Plus, there’s news of a delicious new @juliettehasagun fragrance and your #perfumeprescriptions answered… We mention: @sunnamusk Abid Ambre  @juliettehasagun Juliette  @sanajardin Vanilla Nomad  @parlemoideparfums Milky Musk  @edenisteparfum Vanille Irrésistible  @parfumsdemarly Althäir @chloe Nomade  @chloe Nomade Naturelle Eau de Parfum @chloe Nomade Nuit d’Egypte
    42m 16s
  • Luxury Launches: Chanel & Celine Make Us Dream + New Niche News

    8 MAY 2024 · We are finding beauty in life with this week’s fragrance launch discussions (and there’s MUCH to admire). Swooning over the new Chanel, having heart eye emoji face for the new Celine, we’re also living out our fragrant literary fantasies via the new Miller Harris duo, and in raptures over the Argentinan niche house now available from @sainte.cellier in the U.K.  We must admit to being so engrossed in our reviews, and sharing scent reveries, that we didn’t make it to the listener questions this week. Oops! Worry not, we will be prioritising the remaining #perfumeprescriptions in the next episode. Until then, sit back, relax, and allow yourself to dream of these…  @chanelofficial Les Exclusifs Comète @celine Zouzou  @millerharris Soufflot @millerharris Celadon  @frassai Verano Porteño @frassai Cuir Pampas @borntostandout.official Sin & Pleasure  
    46m 31s
  • Here Comes the Sun: New Scents Lifting Our Spirits!

    1 MAY 2024 · Oooh there’s a wealth of wonderful new fragrance launches to rejoice in this week (yes, MORE!) Steady yourself for osmanthus-infused Oolong tea, joyful Art Deco-inspired butterflies, vintage-style mementos; and some seriously grown-up fruitiness via light-filled, Champagne-bubbled, wickedly peach-y and “marmalade made from sunshine” (Suzy’s description) varieties.  We both admitted to feeling a bit glum and exhausted prior to recording this, but as we know - fragrance has the power to slice through sadness and revivify flagging spirits… and we definitely left the virtual studio feeling brighter, energised, and just BETTER for sharing our fragrant news. We hope you feel the same, as you listen! ️  We discuss… @akrofragrances Infuse  @alexandrejparfums Butterfly @jomalonelondon Scented Mementos  @moltonbrown Sunlit Clementine & Vetiver @nestfragrances Lychee Rose @houseofsarahbaker Peach’s Revenge  @parfumsdemarly Perseus  @matierepremiereparfums Vanilla Powder @kilianparis Sunkissed Goddess And in answer to a listener’s #perfumeprescription: @histoiredeparfums1889 Moulin RougeThis is Not a Blue Bottle 1/.1Encens Roi1804 [Their flagship Paris boutique is located at 11 rue du Roi Doré in the Marais district.] @binetpapillonparfumsNo.1 Alkemist PepperNo.9 Patchouli MonarqueNo.15 Jungle TobaccoNo.18 Santal Tintoretto [Paris showroom-boutique: 2 Galeroe Vivienne, 5 Rue de la Banque, 75002 Paris.Subway: Bourse, Chatelet, Palais-Royal.]
    55m 38s
  • Everything You Need To Know About The Barnes Fragrance Fair

    25 APR 2024 · The second @barnesfragrancefair is coming to London on Saturday May 18, 2024 and on this week’s episode we welcome the founder & organiser, Amanda Carr from @wewearperfume, and Haydn @yousmellgreatwhatisit (who is hosting two music & fragrance sessions) to discuss the many amazing niche brands / talks, workshops and why YOU need to be there! Here’s why: A FREE to enter fair with wares from some of the greatest independent fragrance houses, including: @gallivant.stories @nancymeiland @tothefairestlondon @mayanjie @aspectsbeauty @perfinouk @olfactive_o @sun.dayoflondon @4160tuesdays @boujeebougies @angelaflanders @and_fragrance @jusboxperfumes @beaufortlondon @ostens_official @altraprofuture @walesperfumery @early_modern Meet the perfumers / founders in person Fascinating talks, immersive workshops, sip & sniff events with wine, canapés, music & more [ticketed / paid for individually - BOOK NOW as many sold out already!!!] Generous goody bags for talks provided by @kga_beauty_pr / goody bags for Olympic Studio sessions by @profilepr Stalls loaded with fragrant treats, the quality and likes of which you will not find anywhere else all together Opportunities to learn, make your own fragrance, meet fellow enthusiasts, and most of all have a huge amount of FUN! Last year’s fair was abuzz with people from all areas of the fragrance industry, along with fragrance obsessives and members of the public who’d perhaps never smelled scents from an independent house before (and had their minds BLOWN!) A lot of stalls completely sold out of stock during last year’s fair, and the talks got booked up early, too… BOOK TICKETS via @barnesfragrancefair website (links in our stories / events highlights @onthescentpodcast) Hope to see some of you at Suzy’s talk with @aliceduparcq **2:30pm** - and cannot WAIT to see and sniff everything at the fair! #barnesfragrancefair #nichefragrance #indiebrands #barnes #londonevents #booktickets #fragranceblogger #fragfam #fragrance #perfume
    46m 25s
  • NEW Charlotte Tilbury & Maison Crivelli, Chloe’s flower shop scents + violet tendencies

    18 APR 2024 · There’s a whole new Charlotte Tilbury collection of SIX mood-boosting scents and a new Maison Crivelli to get excited about, plus Chloe’s beautiful flower shop inspired fragrances and our suggestions for a listener who’s craving violet We discuss… @charlottetilbury Fragrance Collection of Emotions  Available from 30th April on the Charlotte Tilbury app or from 2nd May online and instore. 100ml £130 / 10ml £20 More Sex Black pepper, leather, ambroxan, musk, sandalwood JoyphoriaCoconut water, jasmin sambac, vanilla bean extract, powdery musk Magic EnergyBergamot oil, cashmere wood, palo santo accord, cypress Love FrequencyPink pepper, saffron, rose, musk, cashmere woods, patchouli Cosmic PowerAmber, cinnamon bark oil, vanilla bean, clove, frankincense Calm BlissBergamot oil, neroli oil, orange flower absolute, tonka bean @chloe Atelier des Fleurs collection -  Ateliers des Fleurs Magnolia Alba Chloe Ateliers des Fleurs Vanilla Planifolia @cloonkeen Baínín (pronounced ‘bawneen’) @maisoncrivelli Cuir InfraRouge  #perfumeprescription  @lush Kerbside Violet Guerlain Apres L’Ondee @goutalparis La Violette  @lejardinretrouve Violette Kew  @molinardparfums Violette  @isseymiyakeparfums L'Eau d'Issey Solar Violet
    44m 17s
  • SO Many New Launches, Our Award Nomination & Your Prescriptions

    11 APR 2024 · We are practically bursting with new fragrance launch news (there are several million so far this year it seems, and we’re going our best to catch-up with some of our faves here), and we are both glowing from our Jasmine AWARD nomination! Plus, we’ve got the perfect scented suggestions for your perfume prescription questions… We could not be more thrilled to have been shortlisted for the Creativity category of @fragrancefoundationuk Jasmine Awards for our week-long Halloween Instagram story. This unfurled in daily updates - which Suzy & Nicola took turns to write, using the story, photographs and music to evoke various fragrance’s characters. The entire story culminated in a podcast episode which went out on Halloween last year, and you can view the entire story by clicking on our Scented Story highlight circle - underneath our bio @onthescentpodcast. The podcast episode is linked there at the end of the story, too.  Anyway. Suffice to say we are THRILLED to have been nominated and made the shortlist. And we will be celebrating will all the other finalists at the ceremony on May 9th!  We discuss… @bdkparfumsparis 312 Saint Honoré @maisoncrivelli Tubéreuse Astrale @nancymeilandparfums Lupin Meadow  @champagneandsmoke Filthy Rose candle  @ormondejayne Vanille Afrique Intensivo @kayali Oudgasm Smoky Oud | 07 @eliesaabworld Elie Saab Bridal @dsanddurga Black Magenta  @dsanddurga Wear at Maximum Volume  @bibbi.parfum Rainbow Rose  @bibbi.parfum Swimming Pool  @bibbi.parfum Santal Beauty Suzy also thinks Nicola would like: @bibbi.parfums Radio Child @marcantoinebarrois TILIA Perfume Prescriptions: @diptyque Philosykos @manosgerakinisperfume  Manos Gerakinis Immortelle  Manos Gerakinis Rose Poetique all £50 for 10ml @shymimosaperfumery in Bristol (and online, if you create an account you get 10% off your first order.) Smooth Body Oil  @sanctuaryspa Golden Sandalwood Mousse  @tothefairestlondon Cécile Satin Body Oil @refeelnaturals Lost Alhambra Dry Oil (from @sainte.cellier) 
    1h 1m 34s
  • On the Scent with Olfactory Artist & Historian Tasha Marks

    27 MAR 2024 · Award-winning artist and historian Tasha Marks has been exploring the relationship between art and the senses with @avmcuriousities through extraordinary scented artworks, installations and events since 2011. From recreating the scent of ancient Roman rituals, enhancing the experiences of the visually impaired on an architectural tour, evoking the smells of Queen Victoria’s dinners and making ‘strike and sniff wallpaper’, patrons include the Royal Academy of Arts, Victoria & Albert Museum, The National Gallery, The British Museum and most recently, creating the @libertylondon ‘Noseum’.  We’re delighted to have Tasha as a guest this week - and we’ll be taking a deep dive into her life, how she makes artistic inspirations a sniffable reality, and the fragrances she likes to wear outside of an exhibition setting… On Tasha’s website, there are brilliant descriptions photographs, and sound files of her work; plus you can sign up for her newsletter to hear about forthcoming artworks, installations and events: During the episode we mention: @perfumerh - Lyn Harris’ fragrance house, which Tasha got to know @libertylondon and has fallen madly for! (Suzy also mentions Perfumer H Ink, which she was finally paired with at a recent consultation in Liberty’s Fragrance Lounge) The Forest Bathing Institute @tfb_institute @calvinklein CK ONE V by Valentino  @versace Blue Jeans @laboratoryperfumes Samphire  Don’t forget, you can meet Tasha and hear much more about her career, ask her your own questions, and get to experience the Liberty Noseum first hand (or nose!) on the evening of April 11, when Suzy @fragrantmaven is hosting an Art & Fragrance conversation with Tasha!  Tickets available here: Tickets also linked in our bio, and in our Events highlights on Instagram @onthescentpodcast 
    57m 55s
  • On the Scent with Melissa Leong - (Part 2)

    23 MAR 2024 · WHAT a way to end #nationalfragranceweek! If you’ve already listened to Part One, you’ll know our special guest this week, Mellissa Leong @fooderati is a HUGE fragrance fan, and that her list was so extensive, we had to split our interview with into *two full-length episodes* to accommodate them all.  Quite frankly, we were all having such a great time, it could quite easily have gone into five parts, were it not for the fact that Melissa is an incredibly busy woman (and that it was gone 11pm our time when we’d finished recording!)  Well I mean, when you look at that list, there’s no way we could cut any out, is there?! As you’ll discover, quite apart from her many broadcasting, writing, and editing accomplishments; Melissa is an erudite woman of incredible taste and style (as was her mother, we learned in the first half). We so enjoyed hearing the reasons behind her perfume choices, the development of her personal taste, and indeed, the link between her tastebuds and her sense of smell.  From food and fragrance, to the emotional resonance and how to build a wardrobe of perfumes that arm you against anything life may throw in your path, we know you’re going to enjoy this journey as much as we did. No matter if you’re a #foodie or a #fragrancelover - and there are a LOT of ties between our two tribes - you’ll find so much to love, here… We discuss: @diptyque Eau Duelle@atelierdesors Lune Feline  @bdkparfumsparis Gris Charnel @montale Intense Cafe @ormondejayne Woman @escentricmolecules 01 + Iris today @fragonardparfumeurofficiel Santal Cardamome When working on @masterchefau Melissa wore @fentybeauty layered with @naomigoodsir Bois D’Ascese @santamarianivella1221 Aqua della Regina + Parle Moi Milky Musk was “the combo I wore most days” (when working in Florence) [Suzy @fragrantmaven recommended Melissa tries @januaryscentproject Selperniku to feed her love of lactonic (milky) scents!] @jomalonelondon Myrrh and Tonka @parlemoideparfum Milky Musk @lelabofragrances Another 13 @giardiniditoscana Bianco Latte @initioparfumsprives Oud for Greatness @lataffaperfumes Mood for Oud Komorebi (purchased at Fueguia Patagonia, Tokyo) @demeterceo Earthworm / Mushroom Melissa’s favourite indie fragrance boutiques to shop in Australia:  @loreperfumery @peonymelbourne @le_salon_aux_fleurs_armadale @libertineparfumerie
    1h 18m 15s
  • On the Scent with Melissa Leong (Part 1)

    20 MAR 2024 · As part of #nationalfragranceweek, we could not have been more thrilled to discover that today’s guest is an avid listener to our podcast - and that she has time to fit us in. Because, to say the least, Melissa Leong @fooderati is a BUSY woman!  Currently hosting Dessert Masters in Australia, former host of MasterChef Australia; in November last year Melissa was asked to moderate an ‘In Conversation With @jamieoliver’ evening at a PACKED Sydney Opera House. And when emailing us her notes for this episode, Melissa revealed she was “…still recovering from a week of racing cars (I did a Top Gear hot lap!) and speaking at IWD lunches.” Reading from her talent management bio: “Few in Australia can boast the culinary credentials of Melissa Leong. An accomplished food and travel writer, food media consultant, radio broadcaster, television presenter, MC and cookbook editor, this first-generation Singaporean Australian isn’t afraid to eat anything at least once.”  We can now add to that by saying she isn’t afraid to SMELL anything at least once, either, and we have a mega list of her favourite fragrances to discuss in depth.   There were SO many amazing fragrances on Melissa’s list, we had to make this a two-part series (Part 2 will be released as a bonus episode on Sunday), but here are the scents discussed in this episode… @isseymiyakeparfums L’Eau D’Issey @calvinklein CK One @clinique Aromatics Elixir / Happy @chloe Chloe@commes.des.garcon 2 / Lucky Scent (discontinued) @tomfordbeauty Black Orchid @officialbyredo Gypsy Water @aesopskincare Marrakech @lelabofragrances Santal 33 @rpparfums Oud Delice @carnerbarcelona Black Calamus @trudon Mortel Noir @nassomatto Baraonda/Black Afgano @matierepremiereparfums Encense Suave Don’t miss PART TWO - coming out as a *bonus* episode this Sunday! 
    51m 55s
  • Scents to Sleep – fragrances for wearing to bed

    14 MAR 2024 · It being National Sleep Week, in this episode we’re focussing on fragrances that we like to wear to bed. From scents to soothe and help us unwind, to those that make us feel we’re drifting off in a posh hotel surrounded by sumptuous bedlinen – we’ll be discussing ‘your skin but better’ scents, texturally pleasing perfumes that remind us of crisp cotton and luxurious sheets and even silk pyjamas. But are there certain fragrances that *you* only wear at bedtime, or do you think the whole idea of wearing a perfume to sleep in is a bit weird?   Whatever your preference, we hope you find this one suitably relaxing to listen to whenever you feel a bit frazzled, and discover something that at least helps you get some rest, even if it’s not a full night’s sleep (we also talk about how much pressure there is for that on social media! – and we’d love to hear your scent suggestions, too... [This episode isn’t sponsored, but @sleep.8uk are very kindly sending us #gifted pillows to try, they also do everything from mattresses, massage chairs, beds & sofa beds].  We talk about... Body Care & Pillow Sprays: @aromatherapyassociates Deep Relax / Light Relax collections will be stocking the ZEMK Care London collection (Suzy mentions the Goodnight Pillow Mist) @rarebeauty Find Comfort collection (body lotion / spray / aromatherapy pen / hand cream) @neom Perfect Night’s Sleep Hand Balm  Re.Feel Lost Alhambra Dry Oil (from @sainte.cellier) @featheranddownsleep Pillow Spray Nicola’s kids love the @childsfarm SlumberTime Lavender & Moon Milk range    Skin Scents: @dsanddurga I Don’t Know What @ellisbrooklyn Myth @olfactiveo Skin @aimeskincare Parfum de Peau perfume oil @narcisorodriguez Musc Nude   Crisp Cotton / Posh Bedlinen Scents: @dsanddurga Steamed Rainbow @durance_uk Cotton Musc eau de Parfum @lelabo Ambrette 9 @bastille_parfums Paradis Nuit   Nicola also mentions loving the calming @mysensate device
    53m 5s

On The Scent is the podcast destination for anyone fascinated by fragrance (or keen to learn more) – a place where perfume snobbery is stripped away, and fragrance is accessible...

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On The Scent is the podcast destination for anyone fascinated by fragrance (or keen to learn more) – a place where perfume snobbery is stripped away, and fragrance is accessible to all.

What began as a monthly sniff-in on the Outspoken Beauty Podcast soon became so popular in its own right (and with so many listeners sending in questions and asking for more) that On the Scent just had to go weekly - this time on its own perfumed platform!

Encompassing everything from icons and all-time classics to what’s new on the high street to the more ‘niche’ indie brands; Beauty broadcaster and columnist Nicola Bonn and award-winning fragrance journalist and expert Suzy Nightingale give personalised perfume prescriptions, describe fragrances in such an intoxicating way you can almost smell them and help navigate the thousands of scents out there to find the truly incredible ones. Also expect interviews with well-known figures, delving into their favourite scents of all time and opportunities to get to know some of the most exciting perfumers in the world.

Whether you’ve a collection of 500+ or are just starting on your scent journey, olfactory obsessives Nicola & Suzy are on a mission to find you fragrances that don’t simply smell good, but will re-connect you to long forgotten memories, engage your emotions and very likely blow your mind.
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