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Outspoken Beauty

  • Minipod - Products and Thoughts of the Week

    16 MAY 2024 · It's my weekly bite size dose of product recommendations and a few of the things that have been on my mind. If you'd like to join the Outspoken Trialling Panel DM me and I'll send you a form. It's a great community and you'll get to test products and give your honest thoughts xx
    11m 59s
  • Mental Health Awareness Week Special: An Incredibly Honest Conversation With Cat Sims

    14 MAY 2024 · It's Mental Health Awareness Week and my guest is the absolutely amazing human being Cat Sims aka @notsosmugnow.  I met Cat at an event for The Eve Appeal and the minute we got chatting I knew that number one that she was my kind of woman and number two, I had to get her on the podcast. This is such an honest and in places raw conversation about everything from gynae health to ADHD to masturbation to parenting to alcoholism. Cat really does leave no stone unturned and her energy and honesty absolutely took my breath away. Preceding my interview with Cat and also as part of Mental Health Awareness Week,  I have a short insight into a wonderful brand called Feather and Down. In this paid for section of the podcast I chat to the lovely Clare Robertson who works for a brand that not only produces affordable and truly beautiful products to help with your nightly sleep routine but that truly wants to help people get good sleep.  As you'll hear in the episode, Feather and Down would love you to join their sleep tribe. By signing up  you'll get 25% off site wide plus a free miniature pillow spray with your purchase. Enjoy this special #mentalhealthawarenessweek episode Outspoken Beauties!
    1h 6m 31s
  • Monday Mini Mini Pod - The Affordable, Lightweight, Oil Free SPF that Sits Perfectly Under Makeup

    13 MAY 2024 · If you're after a cooling, light, oil free SPF that is a great price and sits perfectly under makeup then you need to listen to today's episode xx
    4m 1s
  • Daisy Robinson - On Leaving The Safety of The Corporate Beauty World and Following Your Dreams

    11 MAY 2024 · In this episode I chat tothe wonderful reflexologist Daisy Robinson. Up until very recently Daisy was in the world of beauty PR but deep down she knew that she had a passion for reflexology. She trained extensively in her spare time but it was only fairly recently that she had the confidence to bite the bullet and leave a secure job to start her own business. Daisy talks about following your instinct, taking risks and following your passion and I hope that she will inspire you and help you to realise that if you have always wanted to do something it absolutely IS possible. You can find Daisy on Insta @flow_with_daisy_reflexology and having experienced her skills myself, I can't recommend her highly enough!
    33m 22s
  • Minipod - Beauty Roundup of Dreams and Being More Demanding!

    10 MAY 2024 · It's my weekly minipod and in this episode I have some really beautiful new products to tell you about. I'm also talking about asking your worth and why I really am turning into a moody woman (and I kinda like it :0)
    12m 5s
  • Emma Hoareau - My Beauty Habits

    7 MAY 2024 · I've been really looking forward to publishing today's episode. It's with beauty journalist, photographer extraordinaire and self proclaimed skincare geek Emma Hoareau. During the episode Emma and I have the most wonderful chat about photography and how Emma loves the world to look, growing up and learning about beauty with a French influence, her thoughts on clean skincare, the amazing power of microneedling and her love of French Pharmacy brands.  There are also lots of really great product recommendations and Emma's energy is just so great.  I know that you'll love getting to know all about Emma and her world.
  • The Mini Mini Pod - The Product That's Sorted My Compromised Skin Barrier.

    7 MAY 2024 · In today's Mini Mini Pod I tell you about the silly thing I did to my skin and the product that has turned things around in a matter of days!
    4m 12s
  • The Power Cream That Has Got The Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panel All A Flutter!

    4 MAY 2024 · *This episode is in partnership with Avon* I'm so excited to finally be able to give you the full lowdown on what I think is one of Avon's most brilliant skincare launches to date. The ANEW Skin Renewal Power Cream has finally arrived and not only can it be used both night and day but it contains wonder ingredient Protinol. During the episode I talk to start by talking to the brilliant Sarah Gillespie who is Avon UK Head of Training. She tells us about the science behind the cream, why it is so special and powerful and also talks us through how we can incorporate it into our routines. Then it's time to chat to Dr Zoya who is an expert in clinical and aesthetic dermatology. She has been testing the cream on her patients and shares the results. She also explains how Protinol works and why this product is so exciting. Finally it's time to have a no holds barred chat with some of the members of the Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panel who have been putting the Power Cream through its paces and are sharing their honest thoughts. I can't wait for you to learn all about this truly brilliant product. It's £16 and gives moisturisers that are 10 times that price a true run for their money. Enjoy! xx
    42m 2s
  • My PMT-ish / Perimenopausal / Big Fat Moody Minipod

    2 MAY 2024 · OK so it's not quite thattttt bad but I do: Moan about a new expression that everyone keeps greeting me with Moan about a meal I had with my Mum Moan about my PMT Moan about the fact that I can no longer eat sugar Tell you about how it took an app to stop me being grumpy with Chris In far better news.... I share amazing wisdom from an event I went to with Liz Earle and Dr Louise Newson I have a stunning Australian skincare brand to tell you about I share my new health resolutions that I hope will inspire you And all in around 10 minutes Enjoy it my outspoken friends xx
    14m 23s
  • Bonn and (Bryony) Blake: Ghosts, When Posh Hotels Go Rogue and Your Beauty Dilemmas Answered

    30 APR 2024 · It's the fortnightly Bryony fest and this week we're talking about: Ghosts (We have undeniable proof that they exist) Post hotel suites and what REALLY goes on in them (once again, we have proof) Following the recent news story we explore the semantics of what happens when one conjoined twin gets married. and we of course answer your beauty dilemmas and have some lovely recommendations for you. (Bryony is a top makeup artist after all :0) Enjoy and remember to send your beauty dilemmas to @outspokenbeautynicola xx
    39m 49s

Featured as one of the Top 10 podcasts by Harpers Bazaar and a must listen by Stylist, Glamour, Good Housekeeping and Vogue Italy, Outspoken Beauty is the UK's most honest,...

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Featured as one of the Top 10 podcasts by Harpers Bazaar and a must listen by Stylist, Glamour, Good Housekeeping and Vogue Italy, Outspoken Beauty is the UK's most honest, straight talking beauty and wellbeing podcast that uses beauty as a way to start powerful conversations. It's hosted by beauty columnist and broadcaster Nicola Bonn.

As well as great product recommendations and tips expect conversations with an array of experts, specialists and inspiring humans that cover everything from the joy of lipstick, skincare and supplements to debates around ageism, diversity, self pleasure and challenging the status quo.

This is a podcast for anyone who finds joy in beauty, who wants to feel great about themselves in a way that is so much more than just skin deep and who wants the confidence to find beauty in who they are rather than what society expects of them. Prepare to be challenged, informed and inspired!
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