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Sinister Story Hour

  • Darkcast Network's Cruel Summer - Pt 2

    11 JUL 2023 · The podcasts from Darkcast Network collab and bring you some of summer's spookiest tales.
    Played 1h 4m 16s
  • Darkcast Network's Cruel Summer - Pt 1

    10 JUL 2023 · The crew from Darkcast Network brings you the spookiest summer stories.
    Played 56m 4s
  • EP 57: Charlie Chopoff - The Elusive American Serial Killer

    30 MAY 2023 · Today's Story: Steph tells the story of NYC serial killer Charlie Chopoff, who targeted young minority males. Sources:
    Played 13m 4s
  • Missing: Florida

    16 MAY 2023 · On this episode Steph discusses missing persons Ali Gilmore & Reny Jose, both from Florida. RESOURCES USED,spoke%20to%20her%20over%20the%20weekend%2C%20police%20said.,she%20never%20called.%20Gilmore%20was%20four%20months%20pregnant. 2nd case Bonus case,Walt%20Disney%20World%20Resort%20in%20Lake%20Buena%20Vista.
    Played 15m
  • EP 56: Alcohol Awareness Month

    4 APR 2023 · For Help Call: 866-483-6808 800-662-HELP visit
    Played 42m 45s
  • EP 55: Killer Moms

    16 MAR 2023 · This episode explores mothers who did the unthinkable both for and to their children. Sources:
    Played 19m 33s
  • Played 10m 20s
  • Darkcast Network Not So Sweet Sweethearts-Part 1

    13 FEB 2023 · Just a little bonus from my buddies at the Darkcast Network!
    Played 1h 2m 17s
  • EP 54: The Horrors of Psychic Surgery

    17 JAN 2023 · It's story time! Join Steph as she discusses spiritual healers John of God and Angel Domingo, who harm people under the guise of esoteric and new age practices of healing. All shows available online at: Check out the other great podcasts at Darkcast Network at: Promo by Hands Off My Podcast! Music by Michael Degraw Sources:
    Played 24m 36s
  • EP 53: Holiday Nice Stories From Darkcast Network

    20 DEC 2022 · Join the Darkcast Network for a collaboration of holiday naughty & nice. In this episode we discuss NICE holiday traditions.
    Played 53m 10s
These are the stories your mother never told you! Join Steph for the spookiest story time as she tells short tales of true crime, cults, or missing persons.

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