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  • Funnel Gamer Hawk Mikado Shares How His Lead Flow Engine Changes The Lead Generation Game

    25 AUG 2021 · In this episode, host Neil Howe talks to Hawk Mikado. Hawk is the funnel gamer and he is the leading expert in funnels, lead generations and live launches. He has helped 11,973 73+ entrepreneurs learn how to add six-figures to their business has built over 12 seven and eight-figure funnels and built over seven profitable businesses in their multi-six and seven figures. He is an entrepreneur and adventurer and a family man. He has a very giving heart dedicating his life to helping industry leaders change the world. Listen in as Hawk shares the difference between a business website and a lead funnel. Hawk takes us on a walkthrough of how to design a funnel and all the work that needs to be done to get everything in place, then for all the non-techy people out there like me, says he can do it all in an hour. His new Lead Flow Engine is designed just for that. To take away all the headaches of building a lead generation funnel and allowing anyone to complete a fully functional lead funnel in a few hours. Hawk shares a ton of great information and is a master at getting the most out of funnels having designed hundreds of profitable funnels for businesses of all sorts. From local business chiropractors or real estate agents to authors, speakers, coaches – the Lead Flow Engine will help generate an endless supply of leads for your business. Find out more about Hawk Mikado and the Lead Flow Engine @
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  • Snap Delivered CEO Paul Mikel Shares New Restaurant Delivery Service Business Model

    18 AUG 2021 · In this episode, host Neil Howe talks to Paul Mikel, CEO of Snap Delivered about the restaurant delivery industry and how it is ripe for change. Restaurant Delivery Service is a $100Billion sector of the restaurant industry that has exploded since the lockdowns and panic from the pandemic. Forbes projects the industry to continue to grow at a rapid pace and double to $200Billion+ by 2025. But, not all things are rosy in the restaurant delivery business. Mikel shares that restaurants pay from 15%-30% or more to have food delivered by third-party delivery companies and they sometimes mark up the menus as well so they can make more money. This is where Paul saw an opportunity to treat the restaurants fairly as well as share the profits from the company with independent reps for spreading the message that Snap Delivered can offer the same or better food delivery service to restaurants for a flat fee of only $2. The math is simple… On an average order of $40, restaurants can pay $12 or more to have it delivered. Snap Delivered can save the restaurants $10 on the average order, which is straight profit in the restaurant owner’s pocket. When you consider the average restaurant does 20 orders a day (some way more, some way less) there is a substantial amount to be saved on an annual basis. Snap Delivered is launching on September 1st, 2021 and is looking for independent reps to share the message with restaurants and drivers and open cities across the country with as few as 10 restaurants and 10 drivers in a 5 mile area. Reps get rewarded by sharing in the profits of the company and make a commission each time a delivery goes out. There is also a way for influencers and restaurant owners to make money by signing up their own fans, followers or customers to the app which Mr. Mikel explains in the interview. Customers can sign up for free on the app and pay per delivery or pay a small monthly membership fee to cover all their deliveries. Founding reps get Free Delivery for life, but only if signed on by September 1st, 2021. To sign up now for Snap Delivered, go to and tell them Neil Howe sent you. Order. Eat. Repeat. Snap Delivered
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  • Bryan Newbrite And The Axion Network Announce The Launch Of Venture Capital Auctions

    5 MAR 2021 · In this episode, host Neil Howe talks to Chief of Strategy and Marketing for Axion Network- Bryan Newbrite about cryptocurrency education, innovation and adoption. Axion Network is an ethical, community-driven cryptocurrency that rewards long-term investing with high-yield interest rates and weekly dividends. Listen in as Newbrite shares a 30,000ft view of the cryptocurrency world and explains how education is paramount for greater understanding, trust, and adoption of cryptocurrency as a viable and stable investment vehicle. Newbrite also explains how the Axion community is constantly innovating its cryptocurrency network. Axion is an investment vehicle that offers a first-of-its-kind blockchain powered venture capital fund alongside high-interest time-locked savings deposits (stakes). The projected launch of Axion’s Venture Capital Auctions in Q1 2021 will be a driving force to attract more people to Axion with liquidity and stability two highly valuable investment features. To learn more about Axion, visit: The Trust Factor Radio Source:
    Played 35m 58s
  • Tom Nguyen – St. Petersburg Website Design And SEO Expert Mr Technique Solves GMB Suspension Problems

    21 DEC 2020 · In this episode, host Neil Howe revisits St. Petersburg Web Design and SEO Expert Tom Nguyen talking about solving Google My Business Suspension problems as well as issues arising from changing business locations. Mr. Technique, Inc., formerly an Atlanta based company moved to St. Pete, FL and had to deal first hand with immediate GMB suspensions for changing phone numbers and address. Listen in and learn the lessons learned from Tom Nguyen and his company as he struggled to get answers from GMB support to get his business reinstated in a different location. To learn more about Tom Nguyen and Mr. Technique, visit: Website: Address: 136 4th St. N, Suite 204, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701 Phone: 888-421-2746 Email: Facebook: Twitter: Google Maps: LinkedIn: YouTube: Instagram: The Trust Factor Radio Source:
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  • Robert Logan – Secrets From The Side Hustle Movement

    8 DEC 2020 · In this episode, host Neil Howe talks to Robert Logan of about how to choose the perfect side hustle. With so many people out of work these days there are millions of people looking for a side hustle all across the world. How do you choose one that is right for you? Robert shares how to make your side hustle a success in his 7 step system. Listen in as Logan talks about some of the common mistakes people make when choosing a side hustle as well as what holds people back from a truly successful side hustle. To learn more about Robert Logan and The Side Hustle Movement, visit: Website: Phone: 705-868-8724 Social Media: Email: Robert’s new product called ‘The Side Hustle Creator’ launches December, 14th. The Trust Factor Radio Source:
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  • Trip Delivers CEO Bob McNulty Helps Restaurants Save Money With New Delivery App

    20 NOV 2020 · In this episode, host Neil Howe talks to Mr. Robert McNulty, CEO of Tryp Technologies, Inc. about his new SaaS delivery app for Restaurants, Drivers, and Consumers – Trip Delivers! Trip Delivers offers a win for all involved. Lower delivery fees for restaurants, better income for drivers, and a lower overall cost to the consumer. Trip Delivers recently launched its first market in Nashville, TN and are opening other markets quickly across the United States. Mr. McNulty founded and served as its President and CEO. was the world’s first online retailer selling a comprehensive range of consumer brand name products on the Internet in 25 major categories, and offering 2,000,000 SKUs while utilizing comparison shopping engines to drive sales. was acquired for $220 million in an all cash transaction by Compaq Computers. Bob has a passion for startups and loves the retail aspect of technology. He saw an opportunity to improve a broken model in the rideshare and delivery industry and Trip Delivers was born. Mr. McNulty is encouraging restaurant owners to look at delivery in a new way and take advantage of low flat fees and transparent receipts. Trip Delivers leaves more money in the hands of the restaurants and consumers while drivers become independent business owners as Trip Delivers doesn’t interfere with the transfer of money from consumer to restaurant or driver. Taking out the middle man like the traditional third party delivery services such as Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Door Dash, Postmates and others means no more price hikes on menus or ridiculous delivery fees to the restaurants. Trip Delivers offers restaurant owners the chance to increase the profit from each delivery meal sent out to their consumers. For more information about Trip Delivers: Consumers can download the app here Drivers can download the app here Restaurants can sign up here The Trust Factor Radio Source:
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  • Dr. Gabrielle Merwin Shares How To Connect To Your Resonant Voice To Attract Immediate Attention And Control

    28 SEP 2020 · In this episode, host Neil Howe talks to Dr. Gabrielle Merwin, a trained Opera Singer and voice coach about how to connect to the resonant voice. Gabrielle helps people who want to take full control of their communication, so they can capture the attention of their audience right away. Dr. Merwin says, “This is work that is deeply useful for every person on the planet, to be honest. Which means that those who have the foresight to do this adventure are going to be one giant step ahead of the 93% (more or less) who don’t even know of its existence as a means of living full out from your “full-in” your true resonant voice in this world. Which begins with simple physical knowledge and control of the voice itself, and the body which gives it life.” Gabrielle wants to reach the decision-makers in our world, who are often without care or conscious knowledge of that most important means of communication—one, by the way, that overrides all the others. The voice is what people truly respond to, and is the basis of IF they truly listen to you —or not so much.” Listen in as Gabrielle shares tips for speakers, salespeople, and leaders who have a message to share, but might be self-conscious of their voice, or scared of speaking up in a crowd. Just a few simple tweaks can make an immense difference in your communication and this can make a major difference to your life by connecting to your resonant voice that will command the attention of your audience. To find out more about Dr. Gabrielle Merwin or to inquire about voice coaching, email: The Trust Factor Radio Source:
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  • Nicholas Clare Shares How To Reclaim The Law To Help Save The Planet And Ourselves

    18 SEP 2020 · In this episode, host Neil Howe talks to Nicholas Clare of Nick has been an activist for over 40 years standing for the environment and for human health and well-being. Most people know that the world is in a bit of a mess. But, the bigger problem is, that people don’t believe there is much we can do about it. Nick shares how we can make a difference by knowing the law and the arguments to end criminal corporate abuse and shares it so it is easy enough for a child to understand. Listen in as we discuss: the difference between Law and Legislation Universal Law Common Law The Current Coronavirus Lockdown Mask Mandates Mandatory Vaccines The criminal offense of paying taxes Fracking and the polluting of the water and much more. These discussions need to be shared far and wide if we are ever to make a difference to this world. You can find out more about Nicholas Clare at where you can donate to keep the conversation going and the education coming. The Trust Factor Radio Source:
    Played 43m 46s
  • Kurt Owen – How To Generate Leads For Home Services Businesses

    27 AUG 2020 · In this episode, host Neil Howe talks to Kurt Owen. Kurt is the owner of his own marketing agency, Kurt Owen Marketing in Orlando Florida, and has helped generate thousands upon thousands of leads for his clients. Kurt and his team help business owners generate leads profitably in the home services & real estate industry. This includes roofing companies, solar installers, general contracting services such as HVAC, real estate agents, investors, and mortgage professionals. Listen in as Kurt shares some of the problems he helps solve including the overwhelm of technology, implementing systems to outsource prospecting, lead generation, and how to accelerate results with a proven system. Kurt Owen Marketing offers an AMAZING guarantee to its clients based on results. They offer a 10 solid opportunities guarantee in the first 30 days for each of their clients backed by a full refund OR they offer to work for free until they get those 10 opportunities. So for roofing, for example, it’s 10 solid estimates within those first 30 days. To find out more about Kurt Owen and Kurt Owen Marketing, visit: Website: Phone: 850-896-8206 Email: The Trust Factor Radio Source:
    Played 33m 50s
  • Dr. Terri Levine Founder of Heart-repreneur® Talks About Her New Book – Conversion Equation

    20 AUG 2020 · In this episode, host Neil Howe talks to Dr. Terri Levine about her new book, Conversion Equation -How to Generate All The Leads You Can Handle. Terri Levine is the founder of Heart-repreneur® and is a business and executive coaching expert. She assists businesses worldwide with business growth, sales, and marketing. She has more than 40 years of business experience, encompassing work with more than 5,000 business owners and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. She is also a bestselling author of dozens of books, has her own radio and TV show and is also a keynote speaker. Terri has a passion for helping businesses to grow with her own personal experience gained while building multiple successful businesses from the ground up. Terri has created the Heart-repreneur® cause teaching business owners to do business heart-to-heart. Terri conducts training seminars, programs and courses to help people develop business coaching skills. Through her processes, she loves helping entrepreneurs become more profitable and increase their bottom line. She is passionate about speaking to business owners about what tactics they can do to skyrocket their business. Listen in as Terri shares the 4 aspects of the Conversion Equation: – Interrupt – Engage – Educate – Offer Dr. Terri’s new book is available for purchase here: To find out more about Dr. Terri Levine and Heart-repreneur®, click the links below: Facebook: FB: LI: Twitter: Instagram: Website: The Trust Factor Radio Source:
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The Trust Factor is the science of creating authority positioning in the subconscious. This technology is based on a model whereby the major thinking part of human activity (over 90%),...

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The Trust Factor is the science of creating authority positioning in the subconscious. This technology is based on a model whereby the major thinking part of human activity (over 90%), including emotion, takes place in the subconscious area that is below the levels of controlled awareness.

Neil and guests will walk you through specific exercises you can implement to influence your prospects to make buying decisions, so you can increase sales and profits in your business.
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