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  • Easter! Part 4 - It is Finished

    25 MAR 2021 · Journalists from around the Roman world descend on Jerusalem to cover the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth, but then some really weird things start happening. Plus, we take a closer look at Pontius Pilate, and the podcast ends with a question.
    Played 37m 20s
  • Podcast extra: Meet Mary (and Mary Magdalene) - actor Tanis Parenteau

    22 MAR 2021 · Many actors in this podcast are not Christians--it certainly was not required! But Tanis Parenteau has a very compelling story behind her reason for not believing.
    Played 7m
  • Easter! Part 3 - Smoke a lotta weed?

    18 MAR 2021 · Time is running out. Jesus is arrested and goes on trial, while the women in his life defend him on talk TV. Then one disciple storms out of the "The Joe Roganus Experience," and Herod Antipas calls in.
    Played 35m 29s
  • Podcast extra: Lotsa Matzo

    15 MAR 2021 · The actors in this amazing podcast always surprise me with their adlibs. Frankly, the adlibs are the best part. I asked Sheron Bellio to play "Abby," a daytime talk host similar to Oprah who interviews "The Women of Jesus" in Easter part 3 (which posts later this week). First, though, Abby surprises her studio audience with free matzo for Passover. While reading her lines, Sheron proceeds to go off script, and I can't stop laughing at the results. Here, I pull back the curtain on working as a comedic voiceover artist by revealing the raw audio of all of her takes.
    Played 4m 23s
  • Easter! Part 2 - Temple Tantrum

    11 MAR 2021 · Jesus is profiled on a 1st Century version of Sports Center, while Jairus' daughter is an annoying preteen on Instagram talking about her own death. Then Mary Magdalene debates Caiaphas on cable TV, while Jesus finally grants one interview - to Nicodemus.
    Played 33m 17s
  • Meet "Jesus" - actor Jason Grasl

    9 MAR 2021 · How does one find the right person to play Jesus? Finding actor Jason Grasl was an unusual journey, and his background surprised me.
    Played 9m 26s
  • Easter! Part 1 - Who the hell is Jesus?

    4 MAR 2021 · A carpenter from some nowhere town up north has turned Jerusalem upside down, and no one can figure out what his deal is. A Roman soldier wants Jesus' followers to shut up, the Devil goes on pirate radio to badmouth him, while investigative reporters examine his teachings (how could anyone ever say ANYTHING good about a Samaritan?).
    Played 26m 56s
  • Trailer for Easter!

    28 FEB 2021 · We are back with "BREAKING NEWS" about Jesus of Nazareth! It's Easter covered through social media and "fake news," as we meet the adult Jesus entering Jerusalem for Passover. Over four new episodes we follow developments online and on air, as conflicting reports suggest the Galilean carpenter is God, or just crazy. Mary Magdalene tries to livestream, the Devil takes to pirate radio, and Peter storms out of an ancient Joe Rogan podcast. Within a week, Jesus is dead. And then a weird thing happens...stay tuned.
    Played 2m 25s
  • Podcast extra: Mary's consent

    23 DEC 2020 · Prepare yourself for something shocking. Well, it shocked me. Some biblical interpreters wonder if Mary agreed to her pregnancy, or if it happened without her consent. Here's a brief discussion, along with my own conclusion. Let me know what you think at
    Played 4m 27s
  • Podcast extra: The Non-Trump King Herod backup plan

    21 DEC 2020 · This is a second version of the King Herod scene with a different actor who intentionally did not do a Trump parody. I recorded it in case--God forbid--something happened to the President which would make a parody completely inappropriate. It's not nearly as funny, and I'm glad (for many reasons) that I didn't need to use it.
    Played 7m 18s

We are at a critical moment in history, where the 24/7 news cycle no longer just covers the story. It influences the story. Sometimes it IS the story. Do you...

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We are at a critical moment in history, where the 24/7 news cycle no longer just covers the story. It influences the story. Sometimes it IS the story. Do you love history and find the media maddening? #MeToo!

“Top Story Tonight!” revisits great moments in history as if the modern media existed at the time - cable news, Twitter, Instagram, talk radio, reality TV, even the dark web of conspiracy theories.

Imagine retelling the story of Cleopatra as the original Kim Kardashian on Instagram. Think Henry VIII as the king who wants to Make England Great Again. #MEGA!

You get the idea. This podcast brings history to life—warts and all—with a modern twist.
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