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True Crime

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    The 26 Club by Twisted and Uncorked

    3 JUN 2024 · Follow Twisted and Uncorked on iHeartRadio - Follow on Apple Podcasts - Follow Everywhere else - What do Jean Harlow and Sharon Tate have in common other than being young, blonde, beautiful actresses? Their home. This week, for Sierra's celebrity crimes episode, she points out a possible cursed house that led to the premature deaths of these Hollywood stars. If you want more twisted content, consider joining our Patreon. If you decide to join, you can expect welcome goodies and 100+ bonus episodes ready for you to unlock. Your support truly means the world to us. Thank you for checking it out! You can buy us a drink on Buy Me A Coffee Check out our website for sources and photos from today's episode Watch on our YouTube Channel Follow us on all of the socials: Instagram and TikTok @twistedanduncorked Twitter @twisted_pod Facebook @twistedanduncorkedpodcast {@IndieFooter}
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    Cold-Blooded in Colorado & a Strange Russian Sojourn by PNW Haunts & Homicides

    29 APR 2024 · Follow PNW Haunts & Homicides on iHeartRadio - Follow on Apple Podcast - Follow Everywhere else - Join us as we delve into another true crime case this week in a neighboring suburb, just south of Denver in the state of Colorado. Just a few miles away from the bustling mountain metropolis is a community with abundant beautiful landscape for outdoor recreation. It’s a family-friendly community that’s also steeped in the rich cultural history of the Gold Rush era and the indigenous people that inhabited the land long before settlers came westward. But of course even the most charming suburban community can become the backdrop for a chilling crime. Still, unlike neighboring Columbine, a community that is sadly no stranger to tragedy, Littleton is rarely center stage for major headline news. Or, it was - that is, until the mysterious disappearance of Charlene Voight, who was reported missing by her family in Littleton, Colorado on July 8th 2016. As we unravel the details of the case surrounding her disappearance we ponder over how our minds search, and often find, eerie connections in the most disparate of circumstances. Like the discovery of a World War II veteran's dog tags in the Grand River. Get engrossed in our discussion about Charlene's tumultuous and troubling relationship with her partner, Jeffrey. The story takes a hair-raising turn as we we examine Jeffrey's suspicious activities, including his unnerving trip to a landfill that set off alarm bells for investigators. Nothing could prepare us for the the most shocking aspect of the case to date. Jeffrey went on to live a double life after his dramatic escape to Russia, which adds a whole new dimension to this puzzling case. Finally, we take a look at the complex issues surrounding international law and extradition, as well as Jeffrey’s claims of political persecution in his desperate bid to gain asylum. Tune in for an episode filled with intrigue, mystery, tarot, and the occasional canine story even when they’re sad. This week we shared the podcast You're Creeping Me Out! --------- EPISODE KEYWORDS --------- Charlene Voight, Littleton, Denver, Aurora, Colorado, Jeffrey, Wells Fargo, Butterfly-Shaped Birthmark, Surveillance Footage, Extradition, Political Persecution, International law, Conspiracy Theories, Tarot Readings, I-76 Gas Stations, Landfill, Trigger Warning, Interpol Database, Asylum, Russia, Framing, Toby, chihuahua, endangered missing, Arapahoe County. {@IndieFooter}
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    A next level toxic relationship by Crime Stories of Pakistan

    22 APR 2024 · Follow Crime Stories of Pakistan on Apple Podcasts - Follow on Spotify - Follow Everywhere else - After getting married, when a woman leaves her family and her country for her husband and new family, she embraces and expects certain things. The last thing she expects is abuse and torture at the hands of her husband and his 4 other family members. Ambreen Fatima is just one of the many woman who have experienced this horror first hand. {@IndieFooter}
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    The Sad Story of Gordon Church by Crimeatorium

    15 APR 2024 · Subscribe to Crimeatorium on iHeartRadio - Subscribe on Apple Podcasts - Subscribe Everywhere else - Twenty eight year old Gordon Church was a kind and gentle young man. He was born in the small town of Fillmore, Utah with a population of 2,592 as of the 2020 census. He was a college student at Southern Utah State College, or SUSC for short, in Cedar City, Utah, the site of The Utah Shakespeare Festival and is now Southern Utah State University. A chance meeting at a convenience store in 1988 turned into a terrifying and deadly night for Gordon and a case full of twists and turns that is ongoing to this day. The details of this crime are graphic; discretion is advised. {@IndieFooter}
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    The Time Machine by The Nightingale of Iran

    8 APR 2024 · Follow Nightingale of Iran on Apple Podcasts - Follow on Spotify - Follow everywhere else - Danielle and Galeet grew up in a family band. They sang in 12 languages, but not Persian. This seems odd since their father and grandfather were famous Iranian singers. Then, they make a discovery. {@IndieFooter}
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    Millionaire Bob Ward, Killer or Loving Husband? by Burden of Proof

    25 MAR 2024 · Follow Burden of Proof on iHeartRadio - Follow on Apple Podcasts - Follow Everywhere Else - Already facing a financial crisis that would cause life as they knew it to cease, the Ward family never anticipated the tragedy to come. A 911 call recorded a dispassionate-sounding Bob Ward informing the dispatch that he shot and killed his wife. Was it a textbook true crime case of a man whose failing finances pushed him to do the unthinkable? Some say yes, but the family says no. Tune in as Savannah makes her best effort at covering this case unbiasedly and Elysia is left with a lot of questions about investigators alleged activity at the Ward family home. {@IndieFooter}
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    Multiple Murders Canadian Teen Killing Spree by Thats So Fcked Up

    19 MAR 2024 · Listen to That's So F*cked Up on iHeartRadio - Listed on Apple Podcasts - Listen everywhere else - wo teens from Canada go on a killing spree and murder three victims. Yet at the end of this story, we end up with five bodies... TW: gun violence and suicide. ✨ 🕸️Visit That's So Fcked Up's Website: 🎉Support our work and get all kinds of nifty perks: ☕️Buy us a coffee: 📲Subscribe to our podcast on Apple: 🎧or Spotify: 📸Follow TSFU on IG: 🩷Follow Ash on IG: 👾Join our Discord community: -Audio editing by Dallas Hernandez. -Research by Toni Wormold. {@IndieFooter}
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    Connor & Noah Barthe by Serial Napper

    11 MAR 2024 · It was the summer of 2013 in Campbelltown, New Brunswick, Canada. Noah and Connor Barthe, who were 4 and 6 years old, had spent the day having a blast with family friends at a farm. That evening, they had a sleepover at their best friend's house, which was located just above an exotic pet store that his father owned. Follow Serial Napper on iHeartRadio - Follow on Apple Podcasts - Follow Everywhere Else - Not all of the animals were kept downstairs in the store. Jean-Claude Savoie owned a 12-foot-long African rock python which was kept in a glass enclosure in the apartment. Somehow, during the night, the python escaped through an air duct. The 100lbs snake broke through the ceiling right above where the boys were sleeping in the living room. The following morning at around 6:30 am, Savoie would walk into the living room to a horrifying scene. The two little boys had been killed - crushed to death by the python. Their family friends and the community were devastated over the loss of these two very loved children, while the python owner was charged with criminal negligence. He would be found not guilty, surprising some, and relieving others. There are no charges that could ever bring back these two incredible little boys, but there is a lesson here in responsible pet ownership and speaking up when you see something wrong. ► YouTube - ► Twitter - ► Instagram - ► Facebook - ► TikTok - {@IndieFooter}
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    Bitter Almonds & Betrayal by PNW Haunts and Homicides

    26 FEB 2024 · Follow PNW Haunts & Homicides on iHeartRadio - Follow on Apple Podcast - Follow Everywhere else - Chilling as it sounds, the reality is, that danger can lurk in the most mundane places. We've all felt that twinge of concern as we break the seal on a new purchase, but imagine that unease turning deadly. What you thought was a headache has suddenly morphed into heart break of the highest order. Our narrative takes a dark turn as we uncover the motivations behind the malevolent actions of Stella Nickell. We discuss the malicious crimes that led to the deaths of two Washington State residents by the cruelest of means - cyanide poisoning. The story has become almost inextricably intertwined with the notorious 1982 Tylenol murders for many familiar with both cases. But it's not just a true crime chronicle; we’ll begin to peel back the layers of Sue’s personal life, including her family dynamics and a betrayal from within her innermost circle. Our resolve to spotlight the human stories behind the headlines means we’ll also discuss the emotional impact and the overall upheaval experienced following her untimely death, not only by her second husband Paul, but particularly that of her daughter Hayley Snow Klein. The heartrending story of a young girl's loss after a family tragedy serves as a poignant reminder of our need for empathy in times of sorrow {@IndieFooter}
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    True Story of Velma Barfield's life by Murder Shelf Book Club

    19 FEB 2024 · What happens when you are on Death Row? How does the appeal process work? What is the human toll? Is it justice? Follow Murder Shelf Book Club Podcast on iHeart - Follow on Apple Podcasts - Follow Everywhere Else - We will follow Velma’s loved ones as they struggle with new revelations and hear from the families of the victims’ as human endurance is tested. Jill walks you through Velma Barfield’s maze of appeals, arguments for a new trial, and the final emotional outcome. And Jill tells you what she thinks of Velma Barfield, the Death Row Granny (of course she does!) Sources, show notes, photographs, recipe and drink information are found on Jill’s blog: Leave comments! Email Jill: and leave a 5-star review wherever you listen! {@IndieFooter}
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The best cases, crimes, and unsolved mysteries by a different independent podcast creator every week. Subscribe for True Crime variety or to find your next favorite podcast to binge. True...

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The best cases, crimes, and unsolved mysteries by a different independent podcast creator every week. Subscribe for True Crime variety or to find your next favorite podcast to binge. True Crime by Indie Drop-In network is an essential podcast for True Crime fanatics. If you find a creator you love, you can subscribe to their show with the links in the show notes. Enjoy the show.

Episodes will cover Cold Cases, Murders, White Collar Crime, Cults, Military Crimes, Social Injustice, and other felonies.
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