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Underwood and Flinch and Other Audiobooks by Mike Bennett

  • Underwood and Flinch Intro: Night Crossing

    22 DEC 2008 · Meet Underwood and Flinch as they cross the Mediterranean on a foggy night. Are they being followed? And if so, by whom? And who should be more worried, the hunter or the hunted?
    Played 31m 26s
  • Underwood and Flinch: Episode 1

    18 JAN 2009 · Prologue. Underwood and Flinch drive to the new house in Spain and attract the attention of the Civil Guard.
    Played 39m 50s
  • Underwood and Flinch: Episode 2

    28 JAN 2009 · Episode 2, in which we meet David Smith, an ordinary guy who's just taking it one day at a time. He's got a nice job, a nice apartment, a nice girlfriend... and a head full of bad dreams.
    Played 27m 12s
  • Underwood and Flinch: Episode 3

    8 FEB 2009 · Lisa returns to David's flat to find the solicitor's letter has changed everything. Is the David she knew gone forever?
    Played 25m 52s
  • Underwood and Flinch: Episode 4

    16 FEB 2009 · Episode 4. We travel to a remote villa on the Spanish island of Ibiza. Anton Marashov and Ivan Trushko are having problems with bloodstains, and Mark Coleman is having problems with a cowboy hat and some rottweilers.
    Played 27m 41s
  • Underwood and Flinch: Episode 5

    25 FEB 2009 · Episode 5. David tells Lisa about the family business. Meanwhile, in Spain, we meet another member of the Flinch family with some revelations of her own.
    Played 26m 6s
  • Underwood and Flinch: Episode 6

    9 MAR 2009 · Episode 6. David lands in Spain and meets his sister Lydia. Meanwhile, Keith Mullins, owner of La Reina de Corazones pub in Almacena, hears about the death of an old acquaintance. This episode also features the music: Leaving Home Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
    Played 44m 59s
  • Underwood and Flinch: Episode 7

    18 MAR 2009 · Episode 7. Meet Gerald and Cynthia Benson, good friends of Lydia Flinch and regulars at La Reina de Corazones. While the Bensons discuss decapitation with Michelle, Lydia brings David home to Casa Underwood and his brother John.
    Played 29m 25s
  • Underwood and Flinch: Episode 8

    30 MAR 2009 · Episode 8: In which we learn something of the origins of Keith's vendetta with Sergei, and David hears about John's hopes and fears for Underwood's resurrection.
    Played 42m 48s
  • Underwood and Flinch: Episode 9

    1 MAY 2009 · Episode 9. Jose Almonte has an unscheduled appointment with his doctor, while David comes to some dangerous conclusions.
    Played 34m 21s

Underwood and Flinch is a three-time Parsec award-winning vampire audiobook saga by Mike Bennett. “If you think vampire tales are a worn-out genre, Underwood and Flinch will shock and delight...

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Underwood and Flinch is a three-time Parsec award-winning vampire audiobook saga by Mike Bennett.

“If you think vampire tales are a worn-out genre, Underwood and Flinch will shock and delight you.” Walt Kolenda,

For hundreds of years, the eldest-born male of each generation of the Flinch family has been servant and guardian to the vampire, Lord Underwood.

While the Flinches have changed through the generations, Underwood has remained eternal. David Flinch had hoped to be spared the horror of serving his family's lord and master, but when he is summoned to the Flinch home in Spain by his dying older brother, he knows his luck has run out.

After fifty years of slumber, Underwood is to be resurrected from the grave in a ritual of human sacrifice, and David, by right of succession, is to be his resurrector. But there is another Flinch, one who craves the role of guardian to the vampire: David’s sister, Lydia. It’s a job she means to have, even if it means making David’s the first blood shed in this new age of Underwood and Flinch.

This feed has all of Mike Bennett’s public podcasts in one place: Three seasons of Underwood and Flinch; the thriller, One Among The Sleepless; his short stories; his readings of classic stories, including 18 from H.P. Lovecraft; and his complete and unabridged reading of Bram Stoker's Dracula.

“Bennett’s ‘Underwood and Flinch’ saga is the best hidden literary gem in existence. Experience the same thrill you have when you find an unsigned underground band that blows your mind.”
P.J. Parrish. Editor-in-Chief: Tennessee Valley Business Journal
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